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The 10 Best Blockchain-Based Business Ideas

1. Tracking and increasing the customer base, increasing loyalty
Today's customers have limitless choices and even greater freedom to access various products and services online. Brands that develop and use customer behaviour and spending patterns, and use that data to adjust their marketing strategies, are constantly looking for more high-tech ways to reach their loyal customers.

2. Integrating Blockchain-based ideas into the healthcare industry
The healthcare industry relies on streamlined security and privacy mechanisms to maintain a long-term doctor-patient relationship. Integrating blockchain-based business ideas and technologies will make healthcare safe and accessible to those who need it most. Here are some interesting blockchain-based concepts you can use to launch a disruptive healthcare startup.

3. Blockchain and accounting
The bottom line is that accountants mostly work with spreadsheets, analytics, numbers, from taxes to bank statements and so on, and all of these documents and processes include a lot of important organisational and personal data. Integrating blockchain technology can increase the security of such information by making it easier for accountants to use and control the data. The same applies to independent accounting organisations. In addition, tracking information and data through a blockchain system can automate certain accounting and information retrieval processes. Integrating AI and business technology can minimize human error and inconsistencies.

4.Reducing operational errors in hotel reservations
A reservations company using blockchain can allow hotels and resorts to offer travellers the ability to verify booking information in real-time. This can reduce the likelihood of operational errors by more than half and help hotels avoid cancellations. It's a win-win for both the hotel and the customer.

5. Create a cryptocurrency payment gateway for business
More and more e-commerce and retailers are beginning to accept digital currencies, asking their customers to pay for goods and services with them. One recent example is Tesla, which now accepts bitcoins as a secure source of payment. However, becoming a cryptocurrency payment gateway for businesses requires a deeper understanding of the entire blockchain infrastructure, including smart contracts, but it is doable. By enabling customers, companies and suppliers to simplify their cryptocurrency transactions and supply chain, you can become an important intermediary offering flexible services that make it easier for your customers and clients to work in real-time.

6. Real-time parcel and shipment tracking
With blockchain technology, the location of a shipment can be instantly verified. Blockchain business ideas work wonders in tracking shipments, thereby reducing time and costs. The main benefits of using the technology are:
Fast turnaround times, impromptu communication and instantaneous tracking of shipments and parcels help customers/suppliers track their deliveries. This technology provides cost savings and strong encryption protection for tracking shipments.

7. Play to Earn Gaming
Blockchain applications and technology give online gamers the ability to compete on a level playing field, allow them to pay the rewards due to them, and help them trade digital assets across platforms. Last year, crypto gaming app Axie Infinity earned $400 million, and its daily trading volume exceeded $32.8 million per day, even higher than the Ethereum Foundation.

8. Crowdfunding and digital currencies
While using websites to raise money or crowdfunding campaigns to launch a startup is not new, the use of blockchain technology can take this scheme to the next level. Startups can use IDO to connect with users and attract crowdfunding for their projects. On the Initial DEX Offering (IDO) platform, every new crypto project can get publicity and be funded by retail investors. With IDO, people with limited budgets get access to funding for early-stage projects that were previously only available to large investment funds and venture capitalists.

9. Blockchain Distributed Web Hosting
Websites reside on the servers of web hosting companies, which can occasionally experience technical issues that can cause visitors to have problems accessing a resource. Decentralised hosting companies like Zeronet solve this problem by using an unlimited number of untraceable virtual servers.

10. The video streaming industry
Lower video traffic costs can be achieved by decentralising critical elements such as storage, content distribution and video encoding. For example, VideoCoin offers a simplified, decentralised infrastructure for content distribution, video encoding, storage and video sharing using a cloud platform.